AARTO: (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offenses)

AARTO is the new legislation that racks up demerit points on your licence and when an individual goes over a certain limit of demerits their drivers licence will be suspended and potentially taken away completely. This is already a daunting prospect for those concerned that have undisciplined, ill-informed, absent minded and even possibly reckless drivers on their payroll. We have formulated a program that covers the most relevant issues in order for an undertaking to counteract or minimise the potential hazards of non compliance due to ignorance of the act. By adequate understanding of the issues that can detrimentally affect an organisations ability to deliver services and or products, intervention training and dissemination of relevant information to staff members and management will, if managed properly, limit the potential financial damage that could be suffered by your company. The driver AARTO program deals with the day to day issues of Aarto such as, How the point system works, Infringements vs. Offences, The AARTO Life cycle, What to do, Your Options as a Driver, Suspensions, Cancellations and Responsibilities.