Eco Drive

People are becoming more energy conscious as a result of the rising cost of energy. Conserving energy will lessen the impact of higher oil prices on your wallets as well as helping the nationís economy. Conservation can be a major factor in reducing our countryís reliance on foreign oil imports. Automobiles and trucks consume over 75% of the nationís transportation energy supplies. Since motoring is such a vital part of our social and economic lives, it is important for all of us to voluntarily conserve fuel. Companies can "save it on the road" and stretch fuel Randís without hardship by applying conservation techniques. Fifty-six items important to fuel economy in driving follow. These items are categorized into five areas.

EcoDriving teaches fuel-efficient and safe driving techniques to drivers through a four-hour course. These skills, when retained and used over the long term, result in significant cost savings for the company. As well, environmental benefits take the form of reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

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