Driver Training That Works For Life

Are you looking for a way to polish up your driving skills but feel intimidated by professionals who make all other drivers appear incompetent?

How would you like to feel more confident and safe, even driving in the worst weather conditions?

Want to really get a feel for that new car or check out those performance characteristic without risking tickets, the wrath of the law and the hazards of other less competent road users?

Maybe you'd like to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing how to competently handle difficult situations or just experience the thrill of discovering your limitations when you stretch your comfort zone.

To satisfy the needs of such drivers, RAC Driving Solutions offers a fun and challenging advanced driving skills training program that will teach any driver to get the most out of their car, and feel confident doing so.

This program, will give you a rich practical understanding of vehicle dynamics (braking, cornering, and acceleration), plus loads of hands-on practice pushing a car to its limits in a safe, controlled, low-speed environment under the supervision of the RAC's highly skilled instructors. Not only that but you'll have a terrific time hanging out with an enthusiastic bunch of men and women of all ages in a relaxed, low pressure, non-competitive setting.

The day begins with an introductory "classroom" discussion of advanced driving techniques, followed by a series of fun in-car exercises that will hone your braking, avoidance, skid control, and traction management skills. Lots of seat time plus expert in-car instruction accelerate the learning process, boosting skill and confidence quickly.

All Driving Solutions courses are designed around high levels of safety with all participants buying into a continued program of self development and skills enhancement.

Participants can:

    choose level of training
    Experience their own vehicles capabilities
    Register to participate in appropriate racing disciplines and obtain assistance with all the formalities.


Textbook driver training won't prepare you or a company's employees for driving on SA's roads - acknowledged by some as a terrifying experience!
No written exams, video presentations or lectures will qualify you to react!
The only way to learn is through XPERIENTIAL® TRAINING!

The XPERIENTIAL® method of training puts you, the driver, in a simulated and controlled environment, which, through interactive participation, teaches you how to think, react and thus take control of the situation.